Large sugar mill
Special for sugar and minerals
Maximum 1000 kg per hour

The sugar mill has a dust filter and does not need a dust vacuum system. And has a magnet system to absorb metal objects.

Powder mixer
Special For mixing all kinds of powders
Tank capacity of 300 kg

The powder mixer is made of steel and has a chassis, tank and electrical panel.

Special For transporting food products
Dimensions of the machine can be ordered

Transmission system: stepped modular plastic strip

Quality product

Our ultimate goal is to produce quality Iranian products so that we can satisfy you dear ones and expand this beyond the borders of our dear Iran.

Accuracy in production

In the process of producing an industrial product, accuracy and emphasis on quality is vital in the production of quality goods, which is an essential component of production in our team.

Engineering design

In designing all our products, we have tried to follow the principles of a completely scientific and engineering design so that the product efficiency is at a high level.

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Mehr Sanat Alborz Technical and Engineering Group Manufacturer of
quality food and pharmaceutical production and packaging machines

We are proud that all stages of design and manufacture of production and packaging machines for food and pharmaceutical industries of Mehr Sanat Alborz have been done in our dear homeland and the goods received by you are completely Iranian and have all the necessary standards by the relevant organizations. This is a a great honor for us that we have been successful to satisfy you.

Count on us!


We are by your side.

Selling a product is not the end of the deal, it is the beginning of a commitment

People who consult make better decisions and make fewer mistakes. To buy any small thing, such as a mobile phone, we consult with one or more people with experience in that field so that we do not make a wrong decision in our purchase. Now we are with you to make the right and wise decision in your choice and purchase in the field of production and packaging machines for food and pharmaceutical industries, and to have the best choice at a reasonable cost.

After properly selecting and preparing the production and packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries, this time it was time to install and operate these machines. Although there is a technical team in every industrial complex that solves the cases and solves the problems related to the technical field, but for the installation and commissioning of your purchased machines, you can count on us and get telephone advice and Get help by our email and if you wish, installation can be done by us.

When preparing a product, it is important to pay attention to its after-sales service. If the machine you provide for your collection does not have proper after-sales service, you may face problems in periodic repair, maintenance and service, and with the slightest breakdown and malfunction of the machine, you will have to take the machine out of the production line. Now, if the device you provide has good after-sales service, you can start the device safely! You will be comfortable with us.

Features of our products

Adherence to GMP standard to maintain food and drug safety in the production of a completely healthy product

Indigenous knowledge of food and pharmaceutical industry equipment produced by the efforts of Iranian engineers

The use of quality parts and accessories increases the quality and high efficiency of our devices and products

The price is lower than foreign samples and in some cases with higher quality

Produce better with us!


Some of our customers

مشتریان مهرصنعت البرز

مهر صنعت البرز

Mehr Sanat Alborz Technical and Engineering Group was established in 2006 with the aim of designing and manufacturing machines for the production and packaging of food and pharmaceutical industries. Based on local knowledge and relying on creative and hard-working Iranian engineers, this team has been able to produce quality products that can compete with global products. We hope we have satisfied you dear consumer.

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We are aware of your concerns, managers, and offer products that fully meet your needs, address your concerns about quality, price and after-sales service, and produce with ease. We are by your side and we are happy to serve you.

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